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This colorfull and vibrant painting started off as a project together with my 7 year old son. I had this romantic idea to inspire and incurage his creativity. I handed him some paint, brushes and canvas and told him to feel free – just paint – GO! I focused on my own canvas, side by side we would create and bond – soon he got bored and left me in the studio. is administrated by DesignbyVagner managed by Tomas Vagner, artist and Graphic Designer from Sweden, hence the Swedish lingo on the webpage. If you would like to see some more work by Tomas Vagner please click on the second and third link in the top menu.

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Design by Vagner

Tomas Vagner
Brickebergsvägen 21 B
702 21 Örebro

Phone: +46 (07) 700784950

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